Around The Web For 12-7-16

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment’s gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
All they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see
All we are is dust in the wind

75 years ago today Japan attacked the US fleet at Pearl Harbor.  We’re starting to get to the point where there are fewer and fewer Americans who were alive during that attack.  Someday we’ll get to the same place with September 11th I’m sure.

Anyway, how about that band Kansas?  This song only ever made it to #7 on the charts.  True story though, in 2011 it made it to #6 on the questionable song lyric list after the 9/11 attacks.  AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was #1 if you care.

While you contemplate your most questionable lyrics, stop on by for some links…

Around The Web For 12-7-16

  • Just cause you’re pregnant you can still wear tight dresses according to Natalie Portman.  (Moe Jackson)
  • Look, I don’t work for the FBI so I’m not sure how to accurately profile, but I’d say Barron Trump is listed in their what serial killers look like manuals.  (The Blemish)
  • Are those extremely ripe melons Selma Hayek or are you just glad to see me.  (Celeb Slam)
  • Yeah Nicki Minaj mocked a mentally challenged woman.  Have you not been paying attention, she’s not a good person.  (D Listed)
  • I can’t stand Kunal Nayyar from Big Bang Theory.  I really can’t stand him in this hat.  I hope his 15 minutes is up soon.  (OMG)
  • Here’s another model doing the Love Advent Calendar.  Yes, it’s inappropriate.  (RSVLTS)
  • So you’re at your friends b-day party, what’s your go to move?  If you’re Ariel Winter, it’s to have a wardrobe malfunction and steal all the attention for yourself.  (Celeb Jihad)
  • And we’ll end with 10 hot pics of Hillary Fisher, and no I have no idea who she is but she’s hot.  (Classy Bro)

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