Around The Web For 12-14-16

I know you’re home you left your light on
You know I’m here the night is thin
I know you’re alone I watched the car leave
Your lover is gone let me in

Open your back door
I just need to touch you once more
I want to come over
To hell with the consequence
You told me you loved me
That’s all I believe
Melissa Etheridge

This song only made it to #22 on the charts back in 1996.  You know how Taylor Swift writes her songs about ex’s, most of Melissa’s lyrics seem to indicate that she has a hard time breaking up.  Real stalker vibe to her lyrics.  I mean she sits outside the house waiting for someone to leave?  Yeah, that’s restraining order territory.

While you contemplate who you need a restraining order against, stop on by for some links…

Around The Web For 12-14-16

  • You have to check out McDonald’s new seasonal coffee cup.  Somebody had to get fired.  (D Listed)
  • Of all the black musicians Trump could meet with he meets with Kayne West.  Seriously, is Kayne the Devil and everyone’s needs to meet him to make a deal?  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • Yes, Rachael Leigh Cook is hot even if she makes bad movies like Rogue One.  (Celeb Slam)
  • Monday we had slutty Santa’s today we have Megan Fox maybe the hottest Santa of all time.  I’m not pro-muslim but Megan probably needs to wear one of those full body things cause seeing her gives me bad thoughts.  (Popoholic)
  • I don’t get the whole Ashley Graham plus sized model thing.  Am I a plus sized middle aged white guy model?  (Boob Blog)
  • For all you perverts that want Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunctions here you go.  (TNS)
  • I wonder if I’ll post Katie Cassidy bikini pics.  (The Blemish)
  • Holy crap, here’s a pro photographer who knows how to make people look good.  It’s a bunch of before and after pics.  My goodness, amazing.  (Acid Cow)
  • Oh Anna Kendrick, that’s a wardrobe malfunction.  (Celeb Jihad)
  • And we’ll end as we do a lot of times with hot redheads.  (Bad Sentinel)