Around The Web – 11/25/13

Think about about how many times I have fallen.  Spirits are using me larger voices callin’.  What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten.  I have been around the world.  Lookin’ for that woman girl.  Who knows love can endure.  And you know it will.  Crosby, Stills & Nash

It’s Thanksgiving week finally and here’s the comings and goings on around the web for Monday.

  • Don’t tell me there’s no work for a cute blond in this business.  Katie Couric took a job at Yahoo, whatever that means.  (D Listed)
  • Don’t lie to me about things like Jennifer Aniston going topless in her next movie role.  We’ve been teased about this for too long now.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • I can’t stand Lady Gaga.  Her entrance to the VMA’s on a mechanical horse didn’t help change my mind.  (Hollywood Reporter)
  • How is TLC still a channel?  Their new show Breaking The Faith about a bunch of young adults trying to adjust to life outside the church of the Latter Day Saints is completely scripted and the people all left the church awhile ago.  Why would you watch this?  (Starcasm)
  • Abagail Breslin seems to have grownup.  She’s only 17?  The Kardashian is strong in this one.  (Drunken Stepfather)
  • Hot actress of the day – Amanda Tapping from Supernatural.

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