Around The Web – 11/13/13

The world is a vampire, sent to drain.  Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames and what do I get, for my pain?  Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game.  Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.  Smashing Pumpkins

Are we having Thanksgiving this year.  We’re almost half way done with November and it’s still two weeks away?  What’s the deal?  Here’s what else is going on around the web.

  • In “If I’m Aware Of It You’re Going To Be Too News” according to some awful model, Justin Beiber is both good in the sack and well endowed.  These are now facts I can’t unknow.  (Pop Bytes)
  • Nope, I’m calling BS on Jaime Alexander (I don’t know who she is either).  What you’re wearing is not a dress.  It’s barely a coverup as it doesn’t really cover that much.  (D Listed)
  • Look Bruce Jenner, we are all trying to root for you in this whole mess you’ve gotten yourself into, but you’ve got to lose the ponytail brah.  (The Superficial)
  • Katy Perry, weren’t you telling us something the other day about there being too much sexuality in music?  Can you help explain these 37 pictures of you in various states of undress?  (Pop Sugar)
  • Miranda Kerr says and I quote, “I am a being of light and love and I radiate that to everyone.”  She’s lucky she’s stupid hot, because otherwise she’d just be stupid.  (Celebitchy)
  • If Lindsey Lohan posts an Instagram pic in her underwear what am I going to do, not put a link up to it?  That’s just crazy talk.  (Evil Beet)
  • Hot actress of the day – Emma Rigby from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

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