Around the Web – 11/12/13

around the webIn my life there’s been heartache and pain
I don’t know if I can face it again
Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far
To change this lonely life

– Foreigner

It’s 11/12/13. Next year will be the last of these sequential dates that any of us will ever see again. After 12/13/14, a sequential date won’t come around again until 1/2/03 (that’s 2103). Let’s get the news from around the web while you contemplate your own mortality.

  • This is an article about genius new products you might not know about. Some you might have heard of but a lot of these I would bet you haven’t heard of and they are very cool. (Buzz Feed)
  • Harold Percival passed away at the age of 99 in a nursing home in England on October 25. He had no relatives or friends left and he died alone. The nursing home posted a notice asking for any service members who could to show up to his funeral on 11/11 (Remembrance Day in England). What happened after that is something to make us all proud. (The Independent)
  • TV news people getting invasive medical tests on live TV has been all the rage lately. Prostate exams and colonoscopies right in your living room. Check out what happens to ABC News’ Amy Robach who got a mammogram on live TV for a news report. You won’t believe her luck. (ABC News)
  • The news that there will be a Girl Meets World show spun off of the 90s classic Boy Meets World has apparently spurred others to get in on that action. Can you guess what other 90s sitcom might be making a comeback? If you can’t, you’re in big trouble dude. (TV Overmind)
  • How many times have you and your friends discussed the problems with time travel in the Terminator series? If you are like me, you have had this discussion more than once. Gaping plot holes don’t just exist in the Terminator universe. Here are 5 other movies who’s sequels caused huge plot hole problems. (Cracked)
  • Here is something that none of us married writers at MWTVG ever need help with but we are sure that our fans could use the help and we are nothing if not a blog of the people. Here are 30 ways to make the morning after a one night stand less awkward. (Bro Bible)
  • We say on a regular basis that TV executives are for the most part morons. They cancel good shows and leave awful crap on TV forever (2 Broke Girls). There is a funny Twitter account out there called Network Notes that show runners send the hilariously dumb notes they receive from network executives. Here are some of the funniest notes. (Uproxx)


olivia d'abo


  • Hot actress of the day: Oliva D’Abo from Elementary.
    (CoEd) (IMDB)