Around the Web – 10/31/13

around the webOut from his coffin, Drac’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
Opened the lid and shook his fist and said
Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, my 2nd favorite team since 1983 when Bill Buckner was traded there by the Cubs.  Let’s get all the ghoulish news from around the web for this Halloween day shall we?

  • 30 interesting facts about Halloween. (The Chive)
  • How did we start celebrating Halloween?  Here is the origin of the holiday for beer drinking and slutty costumes. (Holiday Insights)
  • Do you have friends that like to prank people on Halloween?  When I was a kid, we pranked people by egging and t-p-ing their houses. Here are some people that are much more creative than I was and a heck of a lot more scary. (Daily Caller)
  • Who doesn’t love a good Halloween pet costume? Some of them are pretty funny. Here are 57 of the greatest pet costumes ever. (Buzz Feed)
  • Having an adult party tonight or need something to drink while you wait for kids to come to the door? Here are some Halloween cocktail ideas. (Food and Wine)
  • When my friends and I were out trick or treating, we kept track of the houses that gave us less than acceptable candy and we came back later and paid those houses a visit. Houses that gave out candy from this list of the worst Halloween candy ever always got a visit from my friends and I. (
  • Are you one of those people who like horror movies?  I am not one of them. When I was 9 years old my dad, for some reason, took us to see Poltergeist in the theater. That night I promptly moved my bed as far away from any windows as I could and I didn’t sleep for a month. If you are one who likes scary stories and maybe need some to tell the kids for bed tonight, head here. (American Folklore)
  • Stars are people too and they also like Halloween. Here are 29 celebrities and their costumes for 2013. (NY Daily News)
  • Here are 30 reasons why Halloween is becoming a favorite holiday for men. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the candy. (Regretful Morning)

kourtney hansen


Hot actress of the day: Midwestern girl (Des Moines, IA) Kourtney Hansen from Nashville.

(Maxim) (Lazy Girls)