Around the Web – 10/17/13

around the webI don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.

Louis C.K.

We’ve got a lot of questionable links for you today and I know that you are all itching to get to them so let’s get the news from around the web.


  • This link is funny because it’s probably done by some young person who’s longest relationship lasted through home room.  If they are laughing about the difference between the 1st date and the 21st date, they should find out what happens at 21 years. (Izismile)
  • There are some funny and talented people out there on the internet. None of those people write for our site of course, but they are out there. Here is what happens when one of those funny and smart people takes the new Carrie movie trailer and re-cuts it on top of Disney’s Cinderella. The result is amazing and creepy at the same time. (YouTube)
  • Here is another link discussing problems that none of us here at MWTVG will ever have to worry about. These are 10 people who were fired from their jobs after posting sexy pictures on line. (Oddee)
  • Word has leaked about why Charlie Hunnam may have dropped out of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. (Seriously OMG)
  • Meg Turney is apparently famous for her cos play. If you are over the age of 30, you probably aren’t too familiar with cos play. I don’t have time to explain the younger generation right now so we’ll just skip to the part where she has hot pictures of her.
  • James Franco has been lobbying hard to get an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor for his defining role in Spring Breakers. No seriously. What I can’t tell is if it’s serious or if he’s fuc**ng with us. (Variety)
  • My kids were little when this show was on TV so I am very familiar with it.  I enjoyed it as much as they did because it was one of those brilliant shows that was funny to both kids and the adults that were forced to watch it with them. To prove my point, here are the 40 dirtiest jokes from Rocco’s Modern Life. (College Humor)
  • CBS recently rejected a surprising pilot that starred some big name people with a big name creator and director on board. Even though CBS passed, I wouldn’t be surprised if another network (NBC or FOX) picks up this pilot. (Digital Spy)
  • I posted a link in Tuesday’s around the web of an Iraqi imitating what we sound like when we speak English. Here is another of those types of videos. This song was a big hit in Italy in 1972. Adriano Celentano meant to show that the Italian people would love anything that sounded American and he was right. You will get frustrated listening to this song because you swear it is English and you should understand what they are saying. (YouTube)

jenn brown


Hot girl of the day: Jenn Brown of American Ninja Warrior and The NFL Network. (Sports Grid)
(Hogwild) (Sports Bank)