Around the Web – 10/1/13

around the webThe Salvation Army band played. And the children drunk lemonade. And the morning lasted all day, all day. And through an open window came, like Sinatra in a younger day. Pushing the town away, oh.

– The Dream Academy

It’s October already! The year is passing by so quickly. Let’s get to the news from Around the web.

  • Have you ever watched a TV show and thought to yourself, “how does that person still have a job?” Here are 14 TV characters who should have been fired long ago for how bad they are at their jobs. (AV Club)
  • Movie fans, you are going to love this. Here is a huge album of pictures taken behind the scenes of some of the most iconic movies ever made. (Imgur)
  • How well do you know your TV? Here is a quiz where you can test your knowledge of useless information. For the record, I got 16/18. (Quiz Factor)
  • 17 reasons why the kids don’t like Facebook any more.  (Huffpost)
  • How many of you out there know a couple like this?  If you don’t know any couples like this then the chances are that you are the couple discussed in this brilliant article. (The Onion)
  • Show me the Car Fax. You all know that commercial.  What if there was a similar type of a Car Fax service for dating? (Stunnish) NSFW-ish.

melanie iglesias


  • Hot actress of the day: Melanie Iglesias from Guy Code. (Coed) (Heavy)

Melanie with a hula hoop in a bikini (YouTube)