Around the Web – 10/10/13

around the web

That’s great it starts with an earthquake. Birds and snakes and aeroplane. Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

– R.E.M.

It’s a Bears football Thursday so let’s get the news from around the web.


  • Want some life hacks to make your life a bit easier?  Some of these are brilliant ideas. (The Chive)
  • We’ve all been to those awful work retreats where they try to force team building exercises on you trying to get you to not hate the other departments you are forced to work with. Here are some more terrible team building ideas. (Bleacher Report)
  • I don’t have any idea who Aneta is and I don’t care.  She makes long socks look very good. (Gorilla Mask)
  • Here are the dumbest lies that men tell women about their sexual prowess in bed. I of course am not guilty of any of these lies because everything I say about my prowess is of course true. Careful ladies. I’m already married. (Guy Code)
  • Athletes have hot wives. It’s no secret. Since a lot of people think NASCAR is a sport, we can call them athletes, at least for the purposes of looking at their WAGS.             (Ranker)
  • Some of these are laugh out loud funny. There are some funny people out there on the internet with lots of time on their hands. Here are pictures with funny captions that will make you laugh. (The Chive)

barbara palvin


Hot girl of the day: Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. (Ranker) (BroSome)