Around the Web for 1-26-14

around the web for 1-26-14

around the web for 1-26-14See, I am Wonder Mike, and I’d like to say hello,
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown,
The purple and yellow. But first, I gotta
Bang bang, the boogie to the boogie,
Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie,
Let’s rock, you don’t stop,
Rock the rhythm that’ll make your body rock.

– The Sugar Hill Gang

We got more snow here in Chicago and now the temperatures will be dropping down to well below zero. It’s been an awesome winter and we are only 1/2 way through it. While you contemplate moving to a warmer climate, check out the news from around the web for 1-26-14.

  • Candice Swanepoel gif’s should help warm you up a bit on this cold an wintry morning. (Tapiture)
  • You probably haven’t followed the Farrah Abraham drama like I have, so let me say that things are not going well for her. The thing is that most of her problems are caused by her own actions so it’s hard to feel sorry for her. (Fish Wrapper)
  • Let’s remember that while Justin Bieber is an idiot, there are plenty out there who are as dumb or dumber than he is. (Today’s Big Hit)
  • If you are in the Midwest, you are probably thinking of staying inside for the next few days. If you are, here are some movie recommendations to help you pass your time in lock down. (High Existence)
  • Here are 11 awesomely incorrect test answers from kids. (Funny or Die)
  • Here are 99 things that you should have experienced on the internet. If you haven’t you are probably old, or not cool, or you might actually have a life away from your computer because your entire life doesn’t revolve around the internet. (FYI, I’ve experienced most of these things) (You Should Have Seen This)
  • Were you a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm? I’ve been catching up on it lately and it’s a fantastic show. If you are a fan of the show, or a fan of Larry David (the inspiration for George Costanza), you’ll enjoy this clip of all of his insults from CYE. (Pleated Jeans)
  • I love finding out about celebrities and other talents they have. Like in any business, people who make it to the top are usually talented in more than just one area. Here are some of the hidden talents of some celebrities. (Izismile)


around the web for 1-26-14Hot girl of the day: Nikki Du Plessis


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