Around The Web For 5-14-15

Some say
It’s all fate
but I say we control our lives
And if my destiny should outbest me then that’s fine.
I make believe thrill and apathy co-exist in me fairly equally
The truth is doubts are all I’ve got to call mine.




I’m actually busy at work this week. Because I gave notice and need to show other people what to do. At least I’m not bored all day? Just thought I’d share, I know it’s not interesting. In other news, It’s mid May already and I would like this year to slow down. Or stay warm, because I’m so incredibly sick of the back and forth. So let’s just get to Around The Web For 5-14-15:



  • Let’s all embrace our inner fat kid with some pictures of amazingly delicious look nutella based desserts. (regretful morning)


  • I think animals that know they did wrong are my favorite thing. That they clearly feel guilt is just incredible to me. (barnorama)


  • In honor of The Muppets coming back, how about some facts you didn’t know about them? (mental floss)


  • This is mind blowing. We know the Earth changes at a rapid pace. Hell, even in my short life I’ve seen advances in medicine and technology. This site will tell you how the world has changed in your lifetime and it’s amazing. (bbc)


  • OK, that’s a lot of cute links. How about some Instagram chick named Sara Underwood as a palate cleanser? (coed)


  • This one is relevant given that this is a TV blog. What’s the most popular show in each state? I’m not sure what the criteria are, but I do not agree. (mic)


  • Have you ever taken a Meyers-Briggs personality test? I’m INFP and this version of hell is definitely true for me. Check what your personality type’s supposed hell on Earth would be. (thoughtcatalog)


  • Ahh Kanye West. Is it all really just an act? (theblemish)