Around the Web for 4-4-14

alison brie around the web for 4-4-14

around the web for 4-4-14I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreams
Been haunted by a million screams
But I can hear the marching feet
They’re moving into the street.

– Genesis

Let’s get the news from around the web for 4-4-14.

  • If you are feeling lucky today, check out these people. They were all having very lucky days. (Izismile)
  • And since everyone loves this stuff, here are 30 facts about things in general that you might not have known. (TheChive)
  • One of the reasons I’ve never felt like an adult is because I don’t drink hard liquor. I don’t know what it is about movies and TV but everyone seems to be able to pour a big tall glass of warm brown liquor and just slam it straight up without so much as a blink of their eyes. For those of you who like this stuff, here are some of the best whiskeys in the world.
  • I’m still getting caught up on Game of Thrones (even though I know all the spoilers because people who watch Game of Thrones are sure to never stop talking about it). In case you have forgotten who is on the show, here are some of them. Well, actually, it’s only the women of GOT. (CoEd)
  • If you are/were the kind of student who preferred to get the Cliff’s Notes rather than read the book, you’ll like these. Here are movies that are summed up in just 3 pictures.
  • If you are in to adrenaline porn, you’ll find this interesting. When people like this die, no one is ever surprised. (Radass)
  • Want to see a $400,000 car get in to a fender bender? I don’t know how calm I would be if I were the owner of that car. Wait a second, if I were the owner of that car, I’m sure I’d be fine. I know I have plenty enough money to have the guy who cut me off and his entire family murdered before sun down. (ClassyBro)


alison brie around the web for 4-4-14Hot actress of the day: Alison Brie from Community and Mad Men.