Around the Web for 4-11-14

lindsey duke around the web for 4-11-14

around the web for 4-11-14Oh where did I go wrong, my love?
What petty crime was I found guilty of?
What better time to find a brand new day?
Oh – wanderlust away

– Paul McCartney

It’s Friday and it’s going to actually be a nice day so while you contemplate leaving work early today, get the news from around the web for 4-11-14.

  • Since we are finally getting back to grill season or as I call it, America time, you might be looking for some new grilling ideas. You can’t go wrong with meat on the grill but if you are one of those types who likes to try new things, this might be up your alley. (DoItAndHow)
  • I was a fan of wrestling back in the days of The Iron Sheik and Junk Yard Dog and those guys (RIP Ultimate Warrior) but I haven’t really followed wrestling in a long time. I know who John Cena is but I didn’t know what a good guy he really is. (CavemanCircus)
  • FXX is the first cable network to buy the rights to The Simpsons. They are going to air all 552 episodes back to back in an epic marathon. The good news is that we will get to see The Simpsons from when it was still funny and you only have to watch 1/2 of the marathon to see the good ones. (RollingStone)
  • These are some really cool tricks you can do with water. (YouTube)
  • How about some yoga pants for Friday? (TheChive)
  • It’s impossible not to love dogs. When you read this story about this dog, you will be reminded why. (TheChive)
  • With recent news that people who take selfies could be suffering from a form of mental illness, it’s only appropriate that we give you this link on the types of selfies that girls take.
  • Could Ryan Seacrest be losing one of his 28 jobs? (SeriouslyOMG)
  • Want to see someone set a world record for taking down the world’s largest cocoa beverage in the shortest amount of time? The previous record was 1 minute 20 seconds. This guy destroyed that record. (Radass)
  • And because it’s Friday and you’ve been good this week, here are some pictures of women in lingerie. (BadSentinel)


lindsey duke around the web for 4-11-14Hot girl of the day: Lindsey Duke who’s claim to fame is that she is Blake Bortels’ girlfriend. Even at UCF, the football players get the girls.