Around the Web for 3-30-14

lena heady around the web for 3-30-14

around the web for 3-30-14Do they still play the blues in Chicago
When baseball season rolls around
When the snow melts away,
Do the Cubbies still play
In their ivy-covered burial ground
When I was a boy they were my pride and joy
But now they only bring fatigue
To the home of the brave
The land of the free
And the doormat of the National League

– Steve Goodman

Opening day for the Cubs is tomorrow and it’s still winter here in Chicago. Hopefully the weather gets warm before we are out of the pennant race. While you contemplate the joy of the upcoming baseball season, get the news from around the web for 3-30-14.

  • I gave you the lyrics but the lyrics don’t do it justice. Here is the immortal Steve Goodman performing A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request. (YouTube)
  • I was at the first official night game at Wrigley Field on 8/9/88 (the night before got rained out so the game I was at was the first official). This year, I will be at the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. Here are facts about Wrigley Field that you might not have known. (ChicagoTribune)
  • Here are the top selling video games of each of the last 30 years. I owned 15 of them and was at one point ranked in the top 10% of the world in one of the games. How many of these have you owned/played? (TheChive)
  • I didn’t go to college right after high school. I went in to the Army. I didn’t graduate from college until later as an adult. It’s probably for the best because if I went right to college, I’m relatively certain I never would have been able to finish. The girls of spring break is one of the reasons why. (TotalFratMove)
  • Elle Macpherson turned 50 recently. 50 does not look like what it used to look like. (CoEd)
  • I read all of the Hardy Boys books when I was a kid. I loved them. Someone has taken HBO’s True Detective and done pictures of what it would have looked like if they were Hardy Boys novels. (RegretfulMorning)
  • There was a video going around the internet a few days ago with a guy singing that song from that one Disney movie about ice that I won’t name because you can’t get away from it and I’ve had enough. The guy sang the song in a bunch of different voices. Here is another guy doing The Rainbow Connection as all of the Muppets. His Kermit is off but the other voices are pretty spot on. This is also my favorite song from the Muppets. (TheAwesomer)
  • If you missed out on the Amy’s Baking Company kerfuffle a while back, you probably don’t spend much time on the internet and are probably not reading this. Amy is now making another claim against celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Do you believe her? (ThePollVault)
  • Here are some products that are made for people who are alone and who just might stay that way. (CollegeHumor)
  • You know what happens when you put a Mentos in Diet Coke. We’ve all seen that video. This guy, who BTW is Italian as it gets, decides to see what happens when you mix Mentos, Coke, Nutella, and a condom together. By 1:44 in this video, he is absolutely losing his mind. Very strange video. (Heavy)
  • Check out this dog who has no idea what a leaf is. He is doing battle. (VidHunter)


lena heady around the web for 3-30-14

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