Around the Web for 3-23-14

lucy pinder around the web for 3-23-14

around the web for 3-23-14In our endeavor we are never seeing eye to eye
No guts to serve us so forever may we wave goodbye
And you’re always telling me that it’s my turn to move
When I wonder what could make the needle jump the groove

– Aimee Mann

Here we go with the news from around the web for 3-23-14.

  • Pictures of babies and dogs together to put a smile on your face. (BarkPost)
  • Planning a vacation any time soon? If you are, you might want to take a look at these hotels. These are 48 hotels that you’ll want to visit before you die. (MatadorNetwork)
  • Game of Thrones season 4 premieres on HBO on April 6. Here are 5 facts about the upcoming season that fans of the show will want to know. (Heavy)
  • Ever thought of leaving an angry note on the car of someone who parked like a jerk? Here are examples of people who were angry enough to do just that. (Radass)
  • Now that we are in to Spring (according to the calendar, not the actual temperature), here are some very satisfying videos of snow men being blown up in slow motion. (CoEd)
  • Lots of things can change for TV shows from the time the pilot episode is filmed to when they get picked up to be a regular series. Here are examples of cast changes that you might not have known about from the pilot episodes of some TV shows. (UpRoxx)
  • It’s funny I found this because I was just talking about how you couldn’t make a movie in the 80s without having some kind of nudity in it. Here are 20 of the best nude scenes from 80s movies. (Ranker)
  • 4 unspoken social rules that we all weirdly follow. (BroBible)


lucy pinder around the web for 3-23-14Hot girl of the day: Lucy Pinder from wherever the place is that hot girls come from.