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marty casey 3-12-15

It’ll be you and me
Up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answer
It’ll be you and I
Up in the sky
It’s a combination for disaster
Marty Casey & Lovehammers

OK OK so it’s a super cheesy song. But it’s throwback Thursday and ask my parents how OBSESSED I was with Marty Casey during my tween years. Seriously, I cried when I met him and we hugged. There’s pictures. I wore a shirt that said “I <3 boys in girl pants” so that should explain that period of my life fairly well. They’re also a local Chicago band and still play all the time, they’re a great band to see at a bar. Now that I’ve annoyed you with that, here’s Around The Web For 3-12-15:

  • This is the most important link.¬†Nathan Fillion¬†and¬†Alan Tudyk want to make a show. It already hit it’s original goal for funding but I swear to god, this needs to be a thing. At least click it and check it out, especially if you are a browncoat. (indiegogo)
  • This isn’t quite your normal chick in her lingerie gallery. There’s something different about her, even if she’s hot and nearly naked. (abc7)
  • Did you even know you could be a mustard sommelier? I sure as hell didn’t. (mental floss)
  • I think you should check out some of the best pictures from the world photography awards. It’s worth your time. (nedhardy)
  • On Tuesday I had capybaras, today I have naked cats. Well, Sphynxs are what they are called, but yeah, naked cat. Too cute, I want one. What do you think? Too weird? (barnorama)
  • I think I had shower thoughts a couple of weeks ago. This is similar, but it’s if your cat had intense shower thoughts. Hilarious. (theChive)

Hey I had a lot of links today. Have a music video from Rockstar: INXS which I was a fanatic about. I looked it up, I was 14. So, yeah. A decade ago already.

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  1. I so hated that song. Why will the forest give them the answers? Why are they up in the trees? What the hell is he talking about. Let me see if I can come up with some lyrics.

    “It’ll be you and me down in the sea, and the ocean will give us the answers.”

    I guess I’m a songwriter now.

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