Around the Web for 2-6-2014

imagesNow, Muriel plays piano every Friday at the Hollywood
And they brought me down to see her
And they asked me if I would
Do a little number and I sang with all my might
She said, “Tell me are you a Christian, child?”
And I said, “Ma’am, I am tonight!”

-Marc Cohn

Here’s what is going on around the web for 2-6-2014:

  • Even though TOM SIZEMORE now says that made up the whole story about BILL CLINTON banging ELIZABETH HURLEY in the White House, who among us can honestly say that scenario isn’t entirely plausable?  I mean, I’m not saying that BILL CLINTON banged ELIZABETH HURLEY in the White House for sure, but I can tell you who he wasn’t banging in the White House, and I’m not talking about Janet Reno, if you catch my drift.  By the way, TOM SIZEMORE might want to reign in those drug-fueled rants of his seeing how well that has been going for celebrities lately… (The Wire)
  • Can you accurately call the winner of THE BIGGEST LOSER a ‘Winner’ or is it proper to call them a ‘Loser’ and not feel like a total A-hole?  Well, this season’s winner/loser  had the most dramatic weight loss of ever, losing over 60% of her body weight.  Let this be a teachable moment, young girls: anorexia is a sure-fire way to shed some unwanted poundage.  Seriously, this isn’t THE BIGGEST LOSER: Bangladesh Edition… not sure if ‘ol Rachel here got the memo.  (Daily News)
  • SELENA GOMEZ secretly went to rehab for two weeks, but her publicists insist it wasn’t for substance abuse.  I guess if I accidentally got it on with a closeted-Canadian sissyboy pothead, I would find myself with some deep seated issues too.  (Metro)
  • In Let-the-Wookie-Win news, Kylie Jenner was taken to the emergency room after a bad trampoline run-in with Khloe Kardashian.  (Hollywood Life)
  • Watch BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY go toe-to-toe with some wad with an underbeard that thinks we saddled up the dinosaurs.  SCIENCE!  Warning to all readers of MWTVG:  This video is almost 3 hours of scientific debate, so tread lightly between this and MIDWEST MO’S collections of naked celebrity chicks.  (Flavorwire)
  • Speaking of celebrity chicks, how about KELLY BROOK in a bikini?  (egotastic – site can get nsfw relatively quickly…)

Hot actress of the day is GINNIFER GOODWIN from ONCE UPON A TIME (askmen)

around the web for 2-6-2014