Around The Web for 2-17-14

Must of been mid afternoon, as I could tell by how far the child’s shadow stretched out.  And he walked with a purpose in his sneakers, down the street.  He had many questions like children often do.  He said, “Tell me all your thoughts on God.  And tell me am I very far?”  Dishwalla

Just when we think winter’s over it keeps pulling us back in.  3-5 inches of snow expected in the Chicago area for President’s day.  This will be my last rant on this but why can’t this be moved to the day after the Super Bowl?  Is it because it makes too much sense?

Here’s Around The Web for 2-17-14

  • How about some marriage advice from Michelle Duggar, the wife on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting.  Step One – never say no to sex.  There’s more steps but I think she might think about adding never say no to birth control.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • Maybe the fourth time’s the charm.  Charlie Sheen  just got engaged to his porn star girlfriend.  Fair warning to Mr. Sheen – like the say, show me a porn star and I’ll show you some guy that’s tired of having porn star sex, probably.  (TV Guide)
  • Here’s 15 Kate Upton GIF’s of her doing what she does.  (Busted Coverage)
  • The biggest boobs in country music just turned 68.  (Daily Mail)
  •  Speaking of birthdays, Playboy just turned 60.  What better way to celebrate than by putting 60 playmates on a bus.  (Co Ed)
  • Every wonder why guys are supposed to spend 2 months salary on a diamond engagement ring?  Can you believe this started as an ad campaign in the 1930’s?  Here’s an interesting look at this and other diamond facts.  (College Humor)
  • Mariah Carey has really been putting out half naked pics of herself to promote her new album.  To quote the once great Terry Hatcher, “They’re real and they are spectacular.  (D Listed)
  •  Hot actress of the day – Ellen Page from ReGenesis (a Canadian TV Series that ran from 2004 – 2008).

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