Around the Web for 2-16-14

ekaterina stolyarova around the web for 2-16-14

around the web for 2-16-14But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room,
We don’t care, we’re driving cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody’s like cristal, maybach, diamonds on your time piece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair.

– Lorde

It’s a lazy Sunday and I’m sure you are all heading back to work tomorrow. While you contemplate the end of the weekend, get the news from around the web for 2-14-14 that will impress your work friends.

  • The Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team wants everyone to be involved in the post game interview. Look how much more intricate these get as they progress. (Imgur)
  • Crows are amazing birds. They are incredibly smart. There are lots of videos on the internet showing them solving various puzzles. This one shows a crow solving the most complex puzzle ever given to an animal. I would bet that none of the cast of Party Down South would be able to solve this puzzle. (Uproxx)
  • Take an artist with a rake, and miles of beach and put them together and what do you get? You get some incredible art work. (Indulgd)
  • You might think the selfie was a recent invention of teenage girls. While they have certainly destroyed the genre, they were not the creators. Here are 21 very old selfies showing that it was in fact possible to take a picture of yourself without a duck face pose. (Smosh)
  • Are you looking for a gift to buy for someone? If you are, or even if you aren’t, here are some pretty cool gadgets for the bathroom that no one would complain about. (Holy Cool)
  • Do any of you readers like to go fishing? If you do, I bet you have your fish tales that you tell all your friends. I bet those tales are nothing like the one this guy gets to tell for the rest of his life. (Radass)
  • Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but that girl knows how to keep herself in the news. It seems as though she had a concert on Valentine’s Day and there are people flipping out about it. (CoEd)
  • My birthday is not far away. You all have got to start planning now because I have expensive taste. Add this to the list of things I want for my birthday. (The Awesomer)


ekaterina stolyarova around the web for 2-16-14Hot Olympic athlete of the day: Ekaterina Stolyaorva, Freestyle Skiing, Team Russia (that Russian team is killing it by the way with hot women).