Around the Web for 2-15-14

silje norendal around the web for 2-15-14

around the web for 2-15-14And who do you think you are?
Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul

– Christina Perri

There is apparently another big snow storm on the way for Chicago early next week. That’s great news. Even better is right after that, it could be in the 50s with thunderstorms. Anyone know what happens when you get a ton of rain on top of 5 feet of snow? If you have any ark building capabilities, I suggest getting to work over the weekend. While you contemplate the flooding that could be heading our way, get the news from around the web for 2-15-14.

  • If you play Risk, you are probably familiar with Yakutsk. It’s that territory that connects Eastern Europe to North America that allows you to attack Alaska. Aside from being a strategic area on a Risk map, it is also one of the coldest cities in the world. Here are some pictures of what it’s like living in the coldest city on earth. (
  • Sometimes things break and you don’t have time to fix it the right way and you just do whatever you can to make it work. In the Army, we called that being field expedient. Here are examples of field expedient fixes that would make McGuyver proud. (Barnorama)
  • Kristen Bell stopped by The Muppets the other day to teach us a lesson about love. I don’t care how old you get, you never get too old to enjoy watching The Muppets. (SeriouslyOMG)
  • Shia Lebeouf has been having a rough go of it lately. He recently tried to have a performance art show in Los Angeles but actor Jerry O’Connell was having none of it. He did something funny to remind us all that Lebeouf is still a douche. (PopBytes)
  • Here are 20 Gif’s that you won’t be able to stop watching. (FreeYork)
  • Here are 11 photos of deep space that you won’t believe aren’t photo shopped. (Cracked)
  • One of the most inaccurately named sites on the internet is Yahoo! Answers. If you ever go there to ask a question, you can rest assured that you will not get the answer you were looking for. You will get lots and lots of answers that have nothing to do with your question and a tip about how to make thousands of dollars working from home. Here are some of the funniest examples of non-answers on Yahoo! Answers. (RegretfulMorning)
  • Here are some of the most awesome helmets seen at the Sochi Olympics so far. (ClassyBro)


silje norendal around the web for 2-15-14Hot Olympic athlete of the day: Silje Norendal, snowboarder from Team Norway.