Around The Web For 11-7-16

who’s gonna tell you when
it’s too late
who’s gonna tell you things
aren’t so great
you can’t go on
thinking nothing’s wrong
who’s gonna drive you home tonight
The Cars

Not really a big Cars fan back in the 80’s.  I didn’t dislike them like so much of the god awful music (I’m looking at you Duran Duran) but still wasn’t that big a fan.  Maybe it’s cause he was so hard to look at and yet somehow he married a supermodel.  I’m guessing that’s got to be it cause I also really wasn’t a Tom Petty fan and he’s way worse looking.

So you’re probably asking why pick this song if you don’t like it.  Well I watched 50 First Dates over the weekend (great soundtrack) and this song was in there.  As I love all things Drew Barrymore, there you go.

While you contemplate what you can and can’t look at from the 80’s, stop on by for some links…

Around The Web For 11-7-16

  • Chanel West is described as a rapper and MTV star of Ridiculousness. Man I’m old as that sounds stupid to me.  Oh I almost forgot, she’s very cold.  (Celeb Jihad)
  • Anything out of context can be dirty.  Take for example these lines from Star Wars.  (Furious Fanboy)
  • Yep it makes sense that Demi Moore treats her skin with $100,000 worth of Peruvian goat blood.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • 55 year old Jennifer Lopez wants to make sure that you know she can be as inappropriate and show as much skin as someone 30 years younger.  (Drunken Step Father)
  • If Megan Fox is going to wear spandex, you can be damn sure we’ll post it here.  (Kayuty)
  • How about a bunch of chicks in body paint.  (Brosome)
  • A photographer told a bunch of people they were beautiful and took before and after pics.  (Ned Hardy)
  • We’ll end today with a bunch of hot chicks in glasses.  (Bad Sentinel)