Around the Web for 1 21 2014

around the web for 1 21 2014You remind me of the babe.  What babe?  The babe with the power.  What power?  The power of voodoo.  Who do?  You do.  Do what?  Remind me of the babe.


It is a Tuesday in January and I am in Chicagoland, so it’s cold, snowy and miserable outside.  I fully encourage you to stay home today, keep warm and check out what’s going on around the web.  After that, stick around and check out all the rest of the literary greatness that MWTVG has to offer.  If you need a good excuse when you call in to work, just tell them that MIDWEST MARK said so.  They will understand. Since you are freed from work today, why not get the news from around the web for 1 21 2014?

  • RIP Roy from SHIPPING WARS.  You were a grumpy old cat-loving bastard, but the “Silver Jesus” is why I loved the show.  (Fansided)
  • The Seahawks and the Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII and a bunch of idiot potheads think it’s a referendum on their beloved reefer.  Shut your mouths and eat your snacks.  I, for one can’t wait for the Superbowl ads.  And the halftime show?  RHCP and Bruno Mars.  I’m fairly intrigued. (Reddit for the weed humor and SB Nation for the halftime show details)
  • NATALIE DORMER… you had me in GAME OF THRONES, but you’re kind of losing me here.  (Bustle)
  • Keep it classy, bro.  JUSTIN BIEBER peed his initials into the snow in Colorado.  Now how about peeing in a cup for the DEA.  Now that they seized poor ‘ol Biebs’ drug stash, what better place to stage exodus than a freshly legalized CO?
  • Here is an interesting perspective on the guns in Hollywood debate and HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S newfound allergy to gun violence.  I for one boycott any movie that doesn’t have copious amounts of gun violence in it.  Take that, Weinstein Company. (Deadline)
  • The last link was a little grim, now enjoy a whole bunch of boobs (Elite Daily)

Hot chick of the day: ALEXANDRA DADDARIO from HBO’S incredible new series TRUE DETECTIVE.  For any of you who have not yet jumped on the TRUE DETECTIVE train, may I present two good reasons to watch (NSFW video on JoBlo):