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Best of Around the WebHello, my name is NS.  A relative recently passed away and left me a large sum of money that I cannot access without your help.  Please send me all your information with a $500 payment and I promise I will split it with you.  Nigerian Scammer

Those e-mails are so annoying.  There is a website dedicated to making fun of those guys.  It’s kind of funny.  Otherwise, here is what’s going on around the web for 2-28-13.

  • Is there nothing duct tape can’t be used for?  Now it is being used to solve hate. I know right.  Well, actually it’s being used by JWoww as sort of a bra for a photo shoot.  I am fairly versed in the use of duct tape.  From looking at the picture, it took a lot of duct tape.  It could be a whole new genre of art called “Duct Tart“.  (The Superficial)
  • I loved me some Bobby Brown back in the day and I don’t care what you think of me.  Well it appears he’s heading off to jail to serve a 55 day sentence for driving under the influence.  This will at least give him a chance to cool it now.  Oh, he needs to slow it down, before he loses control.  If not, every little step he takes a big ugly guy will be right there with him.  (Rumor Fix)
  • Remember David Arquette, the guy married to Courtney Cox?  He was recently spotted out on the town and a guy thought to take his picture.  I will say this, he hasn’t been using his new found free time to learn how to dress.  (I’m Not Obsessed)
  • At 8 pm tonight, there is no infallible person on the planet.  I’m not a Catholic so a lot of the stuff surrounding the Pope seems crazy to me.  Finally a video has surfaced showing how a lot of the current traditions came into being.  I watched it and it seems to check out.  (Cracked)
  • Hot personality – Denise Austin from Getting Fit With Denise Austin, which aired on ESPN.  She’s 56 if you care.  (Best Eye Candy)