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Best of Around the WebI’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.
S. Wright

Here’s what is going on around the web for Tuesday.


  • I don’t pretend to know how hard attractive women have it today in America.  However, video of Erin Andrews trying to avoid being kissed by 50 Cent makes me think it is tougher than I thought.  Pretty funny clip, especially after he tries to kiss her.  I don’t think she can stand much further away from him.  (TV Guide)
  • Headline read, “And This Is Why You Don’t Let Rihanna Design A Clothing Line.”  After the Oscars, I’ve had it up to about here with who are you wearing and who wore it best.  But I still took a look to see and sure enough, it is up there with the worst stuff I have ever seen.  Wow, I’m not sure which parts would even be considered clothes?  Do you have this rag in a different color?  (Buzz Feed)
  • I can’t tell why the producers of Celebrity Splash picked a relatively unknown celebrity Katherine Webb to be on their show.  Maybe she’s really good at diving and this is her chance to showcase her talents.  Well, take a look at the pics and see if you can figure out why they picked her.  (The Superficial)
  •  A construction company has been working near an apartment building waking up the tenants early in the morning.  One of the tenants put up a sign that said, “You Guys Suck.”  Here is their response.  (Imgur)
  • Hot actress of the day – Mercedes Masohn from a show that was cancelled way to early called The Finder.  (Ranker)