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Best of Around The WebAll around us are familiar faces, worn our places, worn out faces.  Bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere.  Tears For Fears

Here’s what is going on around the web for Wednesday.


  • Dr. Drew responds to his critics that think 5 celebrity deaths might be an unusually high number considering the amount of focus and attention he gave them.  I not saying but am just saying if I were a celebrity in need of rehab, I might look somewhere else.  (Starcasm)
  • Brendan Fraser has some explaining to do.  He recently went to court alleging $900,000 per year in alimony and child support is too much.  According to court documents he is still worth 24.7 million.  I don’t know who’s right or wrong on this one, but these definitely feel like some first world problems.  (Evil Beet)
  • Honey Boo Boo’s mom says no to dancing with the stars.  If they are really looking for a middle aged white person who gets winded quite easily, any one of the writers here at MWTVG would be happy to sign on to the project.  My contract rider provides that someone remove all of the green M&M’s and nobody can look at me in the eye.  (Boston.Com)
  • An update to the Bille Jean King and Bobby Riggs battle of the sexes video.  It’s about a guy and girl going to play basketball.  It’s pretty funny, when they ask the guy about his hobbies he’s like, “I kind of am really into humming birds.”  I won’t tell you who won.  (Funny or Die)
  • Hot actress of the day – Maura Tierney from News Radio.  (Best Eye Candy)