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Here’s what is happening around the web for Tuesday.

  • CBS fires The Job after just 2 episodes.  The show was the latest reality series from guru Mark Burnett.  Nobody thought to ask me, because I would have told them the show was a stupid idea from the start.  Just seemed mean to make desperate people compete for jobs that weren’t really all that great for ratings.  So great, 2 people hired and the entire cast and crew fired.  They should have gone with the name Screw Job.  (Is My Show Cancelled)
  • I never really liked Helen Hunt and I still don’t.  She got so much praise for her role in As Good As It Gets and she was terrible in it.  So when she’s on David Letterman to promote The Sessions, she talks about a privacy patch she wore during the movie.  It feels like she is trying to be sensational just to promote the movie.  (Seriously OMG)
  • Look, it’s all fun and games over here, but real life sometimes sucks.  Mindy McCready was clearly a troubled person long before she recently took her own life.  I did not know though she was the 5th person from Celebrity Rehab to die.  Seriously, Dr. Drew, what the hell is going on over there?  (Gawker)
  • Back to the fun stuff.  Have you ever tried to pickup girls using Justin Bieber lyrics.  Of course not, and these guys show you why.  It’s uncomfortable funny if you’re into that.  (Vid Hunter)
  • Wonder WomanThrowback hot actress of the day – Lynda Carter from Wonder Woman.  (Google)



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  1. Julie Cooper // February 21, 2013 at 10:31 pm //


    P.S. I didn’t like Helen Hunt in ‘As Good As it Gets’ either. (I did, however, like her in St. Elsewhere.)

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