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Best of Around The WebI can’t stand to fly I’m not that naive.  I’m just out to find the better part of me.  I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane, I’m more than some pretty face beside a train and it’s not easy to be me.  Five For Fighting

It’s Friday and here’s what is going on around the web.

  • I have never really been interested in the Kardashian/Humphries marriage/divorce saga.  However, it appears to be getting a little more interesting.  Most of the deposition questions asked of Kim related to her role on the reality show rather than their relationship.  Questions like, was any of season 6 scripted and if so, who maintains those scripts.  Could this be the beginning of the end of the Kardashian empire.  I don’t want to jinx it.  (Reality Tea)
  • Valentines Day was yesterday and to honor that, here is a link about celebrity couples that used to date.  Some interesting names on the list.  Like Ryan Seacrest used to date Terri Hatcher.  Well they are real and spectacular after all.  (Too Fab)
  • You win Celebrity Wife Swap.  I’m sure I am going to regret it, but I’m going to have to watch Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin switch places.  It would appear that Kendra got the short end of the stick, have fun with those 8 kids.  But what did poor old Hank Bassett ever do to anyone to deserve having to spend time with Kate Gosselin?  (The Superficial)
  • Update: Global Saskatoon tried to claim copyright over the video.  You can’t remove things from the internet though so we found it in another place.

    You have to check this out.  A news reporter tells the story of how she dealt with her son teething.  It’s nothing gross or mean or anything like that.  It is funny as hell though.  Make sure to watch her co-anchors reaction.  (Most Watched)

  •  The GladesHot actress of the day – Kiele Sanchez from The Glades.  (Maxim)



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  1. Julie Cooper // February 15, 2013 at 2:52 pm //

    That news reporter really meant for the vibrating toothbrush demonstration to be innocent. Nevertheless, she appeared very experienced at it.

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