Around The Web – 8/19/13

Back from camp!  You know camp changes a person.  Five long days out in the wilderness just man against nature.  Makes me want to give all this up.  Just kidding, we slept in cabins, went water skiing everyday, and drank every night.  I love camp.  Now let’s get back to celebs in bikinis.

Here’s what is going on around the web for Monday.

  • It looks awfully frippley (for our new followers that’s a combo of freezing and nipple) in LA as Angelina Jolie rolls her bag out of the airport.  (D Listed)
  • I’m thinking Olivia Munn may want to avoid the swinger lifestyle for awhile.  Here’s video of her falling off a swing and dislocated her shoulder.  What were you thinking when I said swinger lifestyle?  Get your heads out of the gutter people.  (Rickey)
  • Sure, Jessica Simpson’s kid is cute.  As a parent myself, I don’t think I want to share pics of my kids with millions of complete strangers, but I guess kids don’t kidnap themselves now do they.  (Too Fab)
  • Robert De Niro just had his 70th birthday and had lunch with Harvey Keitel and Samuel L Jackson.  Man these guys really look old.  (Seriously OMG)
  • I hate myself for this next post as I am a fan of Brittney Spears (it’s completely normal for a 44 year old man to be a fan of hers FYI).  Anyway, here she is without any makeup after a workout.  (Celeb Slam)
  • Fine, here’s Stacy Keibler sunbathing in Ibiza in you guessed it a bikini.  (G Celeb)