Around the Web – 8/12/13

around the webHello darkness my old friend.  I’ve come to talk with you again.  Because a vision softly creeping.  Left it’s seeds while I was sleeping.  And the vision that was planted in my brain.  Still remains.  Within the sound of silence.

– Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel.

You might have noticed right away that the quality of music lyrics quotes has stepped up a notch today.  Well that’s because Midwest Mo is on vacation this week and myself and Midwest Mark will be taking over Around the Web for the week.  Here’s to an increase in quality for a week (but don’t get used to it folks, Midwest Mo will be back next week).

  • The love boat.  Soon we’ll be making another run.  Remember the classic TV show from the 70s and 80s?  Well the love boat is making it’s final run and it’s not to pick up Jamie Farr in port. (The Globe and Mail)
  • You might have heard that Disney Pixar is doing a sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory.  The sequel is going to focus on the back story of where Dory came from and what happened to her family.  A recent documentary about Sea World has caused Pixar to rethink the script for Finding Dory.  (IGN)
  • We like talking about hot girls around here so here’s a story about hot celebrity daughters. (Izismile)
  • In a bid to reach out to our lady fans, here is a video of Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe (he’s dreamy) telling a funny story about an encounter he had with Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad. (YouTube)

jennifer love hewitt


  • Hot actress of the day: Jennifer Love Hewitt from The Client List. (Maxim)