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Best of Around The WebWhenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you, yes I do.  And when you give that pretty little pout, it turns me inside out.

Here’s the haps from around the web this Monday.

  • I love first world problems and here is a good one.  Blake Lively is apparently upset with Ryan Reynolds over his vacation choices.  Since they have been married they have only had a couple of chances to get away and he has taken them camping both times.  She is starting to get worried that she is never going to get a fancy vacation with Ryan.  Suck it up Buttercup.  (Rumor Fix)
  • Mysteriously, one of the guys suing John Travolta for inappropriately revealing his “sweat hog” during a massage has dropped his case.  Travolta was trying to get the case heard in private arbitration rather than open court and was denied.  So he wins the right to a hearing in open court and just drops his case?  Can you say settlement.  I’m guessing Travolta didn’t want the details of how he was about about to go mid-evil on this guys ass out in open court.  (Tabloid Prodigy)
  • Do No Harm pulled after 2 episodes.  The Jekyll and Hyde inspired show got the lowest series premier ratings in network history.   Like my mom always said, “If you are going to do something, do it as well as you can.”  So congratulations to NBC on this outstanding achievement.  (Is My Show Cancelled)
  • Interesting article about 5 things that subtly influence your decisions.  For example, romantic comedies do better when it’s cold outside or how you name can affect where you ultimately live.  (Cracked)
  • SupernaturalHot actress of the day – Katie Cassidy from Supernatural.  (Maxim)