Around The Web

We’ve got the afternoon.  You got this room for two.  One thing I’ve left to do.  Discover me discovering you.  J. Mayer

Creepier words have never been sung.  Here is what’s happening around the web for Thursday.


  • There’s been an update to my favorite Superbowl story.  You know the one with the supermodel kissing the nerd.  Turns out Jesse Heiman is now getting a ton of offers to go out on dates with him.  First off, go check out the link and look at his picture.  That guy is 34 years old.  When I first watched it I wondered if Bar Refaeli was committing some type of crime.  Second, seriously ladies?  This guy gets kissed by a supermodel for a commercial and now he’s irresistible?  Wasn’t this the plot to Can’t Buy Me Love?  (Daily Mail)
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt proves she’s a woman in her new Client List promo reads the TV Guide headline.  Not being a woman, I’m not sure how she plans to prove to us she’s a woman.  What, is she going to do the job for 80 cents on the dollar of what a man would make?  Nope, she strips down to her underwear and dances around provocatively for a couple of minutes.  Let that be a lesson to all the women out there.  If you ever feel you have something to prove, strip down to your underwear and dance around.  If nothing else, it will get attention.  (TV Guide)
  • In unrelated to TV news, a restaurant in Washington has started giving a discount to parents whose children behaved during dinner.  Wait, when I go out now I have to watch my kids?  Screw you restaurant.  The whole point of bringing my kids out is to make them your problem for a couple of hours.  Go take a look at the bill – it was a $4 discount.  Hardly worth the effort to keep my kids behaved.  You know what, tack on another $4 bucks and I will have them go to town on the place.  (Cafe Mom)
  • Remember when Miley Cyrus used to be kind of cute?  Well those days are gone.  Take a look at her latest short hair and cutoff jean shorts look.  I don’t think she does meth, but she sure dresses like she does.  (Amy Grindhouse)

Hot actress of the day – Maggie Grace from The Following (Heavy)