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Best of Around The WebDid you ever walk in a room and forget why you walked in? I think that’s how dogs spend their lives.
Sue Murphy

Its Wednesday, and here is what’s going on around the web,

  • Has to be one of my new favorite stories from the Superbowl.  We are all familiar with the commercial featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli kissing some nerd for what seemed like a ridiculously long time.  Turns out the nerd had a few tricks up his sleeve. It apparently took 65 takes to get the one they used.  I’m guessing that has increased the number of times he has kissed a girl not related to him by 64 or 65.  (Daily Mail)
  • I am willing to cut Octomom some slack for her recent misplacement of one of her children.  There was some confusion as to whether the child was dropped off the bus or getting a ride with someone else.  Look, she does some stupid things, but I only have 3 children and have misplaced them more than once.  It feels weird to take her side on something.  (Tabloid Prodigy)
  • I don’t like Mike Rowe but I read about a dirty job that he could feature on his show – Lady Gaga’s assistant.  Her dressing room was required to have a mannequin outfitted with puffy pink pubic hair.  I loved one of the comments on the page questioning how one would go about getting this done.  I can’t imagine they were born that way.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • I was a big fan of Friends and am happy to see that Courtney Cox is heading over to guest start with Matthew Perry on his show Go On sometime in April.  (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Even though some of the Buckwild fans accuse us of being nothing more then Yankee trash, even us Yankees can appreciate when a female actress comes along who has a certain white trashiness to her that is hot.  I give you Jaime Pressly from Two and a Half Men.  (Joblo)