Around The Web – 7/31/13

Where in the world has Summer gone.  Can you believe it’s the last day of July already.  The kids will be heading back to school in just over 3 weeks.  Of course it’s like 4 months until the new “Fall” schedule comes out, usually around Halloween.  I’m not bitter.

As always, here’s what is going on around the web for hump day (I do like that Geico commercial)

  • Didn’t Nick Jonas just see how much fun we made of Geraldo Rivera for taking a similar Instagram pic?  (D Listed)
  • We know reality shows don’t always get the best people on them, but check out the list of charges against a couple of Real Housewives of NJ actors.  They are looking at fifty years.  (Buzz Feed)
  • After seeing this pic of Jennifer Aniston promoting her stripper role in a new movie The Millers, I may have to break down and go see a movie.  This is definitely not one of those pics where the stars look like us.  (Bohomoth)
  • Look, I don’t like Justin Beiber either, but constantly pulling over his tour bus just to find pot feels kind of like we are singling him out.  Seriously, pull over a Stones, Black Sabbath, or Dave Matthews tour bus.  What do you think we’d find?  (Evil Beat)
  • Wow, check out these Robin Thicke then and now photos.  He looks a hell of a lot better now.  (Too Fab)
  • Alright people, if you don’t click on this link I may have to feature it later today.  It’s a PSA for NFL football players on how not to murder people.  It features Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula walking you through a step by step how not to kill people.  (Funny or Die)
  • Hot “actress” of the day – Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance.

(Maxim) or (Mandatory)

FYI – the Mandatory has the best pics, all safe for work.

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  1. I'mThatGuy // July 31, 2013 at 8:46 am //

    I would murder all of you and then climb over all of your corpses for a shot at Jennifer Anniston.

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