Around The Web for 2-4-13

I’m sorry these are late today.  We had a 34 minute power outage over at MWTVG headquarters today.  We believe we were the victims of an attack carried out by the producers of 2 Broke Girls.  While we have no evidence whatsoever to support this claim and have some doubt about their mental capacity to make such an attack, we like blaming everything on them.  With George Bush gone, who else can we blame?  So here’s what is going on around the web for 2-4-13 a post Superbowl Monday.

  • We have had some lively discussion today about which ads were the best and which ones missed the mark.  There seems to be some internet controversy as to whether the Volkswagen ad crossed the line into racism.  Probably, but aren’t we still allowed to make fun of Jamaicans?  It’s like 80 and sunny there everyday man.  Screw those guys.  (TV Guide)
  • Evan Rachel Wood discusses how she loves both men and women.  Go read about it if you need to get the thoughts of a 25 year old narcissistic crazy person.  She made her statements on Twitter and they kind of read like somebody who is on something.  (Just Jared)
  • I don’t like Jennifer Lawrence.  I don’t dislike her either, she is just kind of boring to me.  She was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night discussing how her breast are uneven.  Even when talking about breasts, I didn’t find it all that interesting.  That should tell you something.  (Too Fab)
  •  Shocking news – one of the stars of Teen Mom 2 reveals she was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I say shocking, but I’m guessing MTV only hires people with some type of mental disorder.  It would be much harder to exploit someone without such affliction.  (In Case You Didn’t Know)
  • Hot Personality of the Day – Beyonce from the Superbowl.  (Maxim)