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Best of Around The WebHi, I’m Mr. Right.  Somebody said you were looking for me?  You must be a parking ticket, cause you are so fine. My magic watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear.  Wait you are?  My watch must be 15 minutes fast.

Somewhere around the web, these lines worked on somebody.  Happy Wednesday.

  • Not going to lie, when I was a kid I was a Hulkamaniac.  To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers and take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.  Except maybe when you have a massively inappropriate crush on your daughter.  So Hulk’s latest public comments over his daughter’s legs and accompanying twitter pics of them doesn’t seem weird at all.  (Amy Grindhouse)
  • To all working mothers, Megan Fox tells us why you’re doing it wrong.  OK maybe I’m reaching a smidge, but in Megan’s latest interview she explains that she feels acting isn’t her job anymore, taking care of her child is.  Of course I previously posted about how Megan needed a night nurse and full-time nanny to help care for her one child.  Managing a staff to take care of your child full-time doesn’t leave as much time as it used to.  (Too Fab)
  • So who is buying Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens as good girls gone bad in the upcoming movie Spring Breakers?  Seriously, threesomes, drugs, and violence.  Oh, and of course girls in bikinis.  Check out the movie trailer.  Make sure you notice how completely ridiculous James Franco looks in dreadlocks.  I guess there’s not going to be a Disney reunion for Gomez and Hudgens.  (MTV)
  • This kind of behavior might fly at the Playboy Mansion, but I’m pretty sure copping a feel off young fans will only end badly.  Looking at this picture makes me think that we aren’t too far away from Justin Bieber’s first sexual assault charge.  I’m sure this girl was so excited to meet Bieber right up until the time he gropes her in front of the press.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  •  Hot actress of the day – Jorja Fox CSI.  (Lazy Girls)