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Steven Wright

Here’s around the web, it’s freaking Monday people.

  • Fox News is parting ways with Sarah Palin.  I often check out TV Guide’s website to see what they think is interesting.  TV Guide does this thing where they have a story and then some bizarre link to another story right in the middle.  This link is no different, right in the middle they have a post – Rise of Redneck TV.  I’m not necessarily the biggest Sarah Palin fan (note I am not poking the mama grizzly bear) but it seems that TV Guide thinks if you like Sarah Palin, you would also be a fan of redneck TV.  (TV Guide)
  • By now you know I am very susceptible to headline writers and their tantalizing and enticing charms.  Case in point, 10 Celebrities in Open Relationships.  How are you not going to click on this link?  This time it was worth it, some real big names on the list.  This may shock you, but I don’t have any first hand evidence of anybody on the list.  (The Frisky)
  • The Hollywood Reporter gets ridiculous kinds of traffic everyday.  It must be over their hard hitting story about a Sponge Bob Square Pants porn parody – SpongeKnob SquareNuts.  Not going to lie, it’s creepy as hell.  (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Matt Damon is funny.  Every night Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for running out of time for Matt Damon.  This has gone on for 1,205 episodes.  Well, Matt Damon hit his breaking point and took Jimmy Kimmel hostage and hijacked his show.  (Celebrabitchy)
  • Cute actress of the day Danielle Panabaker from Necessary Roughness.  (Complex)


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  1. Julie Cooper // January 28, 2013 at 9:06 pm //

    Not sure why, but I thought that the open relationship list was shocking. Good stuff, Midwest Mo!

    • Thanks. Check out the bigfoot post, somebody wanted to join our team, but I told them the bad news that we had already found him.

      • Julie Cooper // January 28, 2013 at 10:05 pm //

        That’s funny. Gotta be the early bird.

        Between locating that big lug and winning the HGTV Dream Home in a few weeks, I’ll be set!

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