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Best of Around The WebGo on and go free, yeah maybe you’re to close to see.  I can feel your body move.  It doesn’t mean that much to me.  Every time you go away, you are not reading around the web.  Happy Thursday.


  • ABC announces a new pilot show called THE RETURNED whereby recently deceased people return from the dead to affect the lives of those close to them.  Isn’t that a similar premise to DANCING WITH THE STARS?  (Variety)
  • Taylor Swift opens up about her astrological sign.  Turns out she is a Sagittarius, which according to her makes her an eternal optimist.  Still no explanation on what makes her bat***t crazy though.  (Celebrabitchy)
  • On January 17th, I had a segment on how Janelle Evans (Teen Mom 2) is pregnant and looking forward to her second chance with her new husband.  That lasted about a week.  Assault charges have been filed against her new husband.  I can’t believe that didn’t work out.  (Starcasm)
  • Kris Jenner is an abusive mom.  I’ve had just about enough of people besmirching the Kardashian’s good name.  After all they are American icons that, while they haven’t actually contributed in any positive way towards our society, are still icons.  I say we leave them alone until the next sex tape comes out.  (In Case You Didn’t Know)
  • Allison Miller

Cute Actress of the day – Allison Miller from Go On.  (Maxim)