Around The Web for 1-23-13

There might have been a time when I would give myself away. Oh, once upon a time, I didn’t give a damn. But now, here we are, so whataya want from me? Whataya want from me?  I want Wednesday’s around the web for 1-23-13.


  • I ran across this post from Maxim and thought it would be extremely helpful to some of our readers.  It’s a public service announcement detailing how you can tell if your girlfriend is real or fake.  We are here to help people.  (Maxim)
  • I am not a super huge fan of DON”T TRUST THE B IN APT 23, but will admit the show has grown on me a little bit.  Easily the best part of the show is James Van Der Beek playing himself.  So ABC’s decision to cancel the show kind of gives me mixed feelings.  Part of me says this is another show that a network is giving up on without really giving it a chance.  The show wasn’t terrible and when ABC cancels a show, that just gives them more time to plug in DANCING WITH PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO LOOK UP ON THE INTERNET STARS.  (TV Guide)
  • I know, I know this is not TV related, but we are guys over here after all and I love to point out headlines to articles on which I clicked.  So here’s the headline – Leslie Mann’s Heart Wasn’t In The Scene Where She Jiggled Megan Fox’s Boobs.  I clicked it, and I’m guessing you will too.  (Amy Grindhouse)
  • I’m going off the rails today.  In Octomom news.  Yes, I’m going there and I’m taking you with me.  Nadya Suleman has agreed to a $20,000 limited run stripping gig.  She will go topless at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach February 14-16th.  So guys, I’m thinking this would make the perfect Valentines Day gift for that special lady with a head injury in your life.  I looked up flights from Chicago to West Palm and for only $294 on Travelocity you can be there to witness this.  I’m not kidding, I spent 5 minutes and actually looked them up.  I’d love to know how many people have already booked travel plans for this train wreck.  You know people love a good crash.  (The Loop)
  • Ridiculously hot actress of the day – Kristen Bell from House of Lies.  (Heavy)