Around The Web

“When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.” – Will Rogers

Here is what’s happening around the web, happy cold Monday.


  • TV Guide headline – How Sexy Will The Carrie Diaries Be With No thrusting allowed?  Wow, the producers are struggling to move the story along without showing a 16 year old having simulated sex without thrusting.  I’m guessing this is going to hurt the show in the key 40-60 year old white male sex offender demo.  (TV Guide)
  • I sometimes hate writing this section of the blog.  The next headline I’d like to share with you is Zac Effron and dildos.  As a professional I have to click on that link as I don’t want to miss anything that you guys need to know about.  Yep, it’s a picture of Zac Effron at a sex store in front of a bunch of dildos.  It’s an impressive amount by the way.  (D Listed)
  • Maybe it’s because it’s Monday and the celebrities were getting cabin fever over the weekend, but the next story is about Justin Beiber’s butt.  Yes, Justin thought we would all want to see a picture of it so he sent it out on Instagram.  In fairness, for his age and net worth he is doing much better than I would be doing in his shoes.  I would be a mess.  (Huffington Post)
  • Jennifer Lawrence hosted SNL this weekend.  I don’t quite get everybody’s fascination with her.  Look, she’s cute and seems nice enough.  She just doesn’t seem to have that much personality.  She wasn’t bad on SNL, but she wasn’t good either.  She’s just not that interesting.  (Extra TV)
  • Hot mess judge on TV of the day – Brittney Spears formerly of X FACTOR.  (Joblo)