Around The Web

It’s going to be 50 today in Chicago and our state just failed again on a vote to fix pension reform.  It’s all good here in the hood.  Here is what’s happening around the web today.  Happy Wednesday.


  • Lance Armstrong is set to appear on Oprah which makes sense as her network recently gave us ALL MY BABIES MAMAS.  I like the route Oprah has gone since leaving major network TV.  Is there an over/under for when a guest throws a chair at another guest?  OPRAH, OPRAH, OPRAH!  Anyway, the speculation is that Lance is going to make some type of admission on her show.  I’m guessing he’s going to announce he’s gay, not that there is anything wrong with it.  (TV Guide)
  • CBS announced that it is going to get $3.8 million per 30 second ad.  I know free market and capitalism and laissez faire and all, but the money has to come from somewhere doesn’t it?  This kind of feels like it’s going to cost me.  (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • So Justin Bieber is going to host and be the musical guest of SNL.  The last musician (that felt weird writing, is Bieber a musician) with the same first name (Timberlake) is one of my favorite guests of all time.  I will watch with an open mind and hope for the best, but seriously, I doubt that Selena would break up with Justin Timberlake.  (Celebrity Cafe)
  • Did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles already breakup after less than 2 months?  I have a thought, Taylor Swift is the next Bachelorette.  She would be perfect, I’m guessing her pain in the ass quotient is through the roof.  (Celebrabitchy)
  • Hot actress of the day – Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries (I don’t watch it, but hot is hot).  (Maxim)