Around The Web

It’s back to work and I’m not happy about it.  I know you won’t be able to tell because I’m a professional, but these are very angry around the web posts.  Melancholy Monday! Here’s what’s going on around the web for 1-7-13.


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar reportedly has a new sticom in the works which supposedly puts a new spin on the family sitcom.  It’s about the mischief the parents get into when the kids are not around.  If it’s like my house, it will be about drinking beer and not wearing pants.  Come to think of it, that would be a good show, I’m thinking maybe get Matt Damon to play me.  (TV Guide)
  • So TLC is going to air a show called Best Funeral Ever.  It’s an hour long drama that follows a funeral home trying to put on some over the top send off for the deceased.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s not as bad as you might think.  So that’s where we are at with our TV shows now, not as bad as you would think.  This kind of reminds me of MTV’s show My Super Sweet 16 only instead of an annoying 16 year old, we have a deceased person, which should make them a little less annoying.  Congratulations to TLC for bringing me one of my favorite things to attend – funerals.  (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • So Miley Cyrus continues to flaunt a wedding band to any photographer that will take her picture.  Yet she refuses to either confirm or deny whether she is in fact married.  I’m thinking this is genius on her part and other celebrities should take a cue from her (I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian).  This way, when the 20 year old figures out she didn’t mean to get married 5-6 days later, she can get a quickie divorice and no one is ever the wiser.  (Huffington Post)
  • So at least now we know how much an evening with Lindsey Lohan costs.  You to can spend the night with the most expensive escort on the planet for $100,000.  She allegedly spent New Year’s Eve with some sultan so that she could pay off her IRS debt.  Hey, at least all of America benefited in this transaction.  (I Don’t Like You In That Way)
  • In honor of Cougar Town coming back this Tuesday, today’s hot actress is Christa Miller (she happens to be married to Bill Lawrence the producer of the show and also Scrubs).  (TMR Zoo)