Around The Web…

It’s back to work next week, but today is vacation.  Here is what’s going on around the web.  Happy Friday.


  • It’s been awhile since I’ve given you a CASTLE update.  Probably because it’s been about 6 weeks since any show has been on the air.  Well, Monday CASTLE returns and finds Rick’s ex-wife staying at his place going toe to toe with Beckett.  (TV Guide)
  • Even though Nancy Pelosi is going to be on the series finale of 30 ROCK, I look forward to seeing the show through to the end.  It was a classic show that I watch in re-runs all the time.  (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Ouch, great commentary on how Kris Jenner monetizes every aspect of the Kardashian’s life.  So with Kim being pregnant, it appears attempts were made to find a deal with a weight loss company for after the birth.  But Kim’s plastic surgeries have caught up with her.  A weight watchers representative said they had no plans to work with Kim and prefer to focus on “real” women as spokespeople.  Freaking awesome.  (I Don’t Like You In That Way)
  • Look, I’ve always like Ke$ha for some reason I can’t explain.  I think it’s the same reason I find Juliette Lewis attractive.  Anyway, Ke$ha has come out with this gem, that she doesn’t just love men.  Awesome!  (Too Fab)
  • Hot TV personality of the day Vanna White from WHEEL OF FORTUNE. (Best Eye Candy)