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I just spent $500 to spend the day with what felt like 20,000 of my most annoying friends at what is billed as the happiest place on earth.  Not sure how they make me spend so much money to stand in such long lines, but they are geniuses down here that’s for sure.  Happy Thursday.

  • I am shocked that somebody in Hollywood took shortcuts to make money and in the process abused animals (I’m being sarcastic FYI).  Producers of LUCK which airs on HBO are being accused of some pretty serious abuses to the horses used on the show.  (TV Guide)
  • In case any of you were thinking there is no way all the discussion of the fiscal cliff could affect Hollywood, think again.  As part of the negotiations in Washington over the last few days, the film production tax credit was extended.  What liberal media?  (Hollywood Reporter)
  • This is from Huffington Post people so it must be hard hitting news right?  What were the best nude scenes of 2012.  No freaking wonder they are getting so much traffic over there.  (Huffington Post)
  • In other ridiculous ways to die news, a paparazzi died while trying to get a picture of Justin Bieber in his Ferrari.  So, Bieber owns a white Ferrari and it was pulled over by the police.  The photographer stopped to get a picture and was warned by police to get back in his car as it wasn’t safe.  Did he?  Of course not and he was struck and killed.   Bieber wasn’t even in the car.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • Cute actress of the day – Michaela Conlin from BONES.  (Maxim)