Around The Web…

Even though I’m on vacation in Florida, I’m still bringing you the best from around the web (please note would be robbers, somebody is staying at my house watching my guard dog).  Happy Wednesday!

  • Adam Lambert slams Les Mis and I’m thinking to myself “what has Adam Lambert ever done accept inappropriately grab himself on some awards show.”  Time to go away Adam.  (TV Guide)
  • This has to be the bottom of the barrel – ALL MY BABIES MAMAS.  It’s a show about a guy with 11 kids and 10 baby mamas.  It’s supposedly coming to the Oxygen Network, which is the network for women, which is why I must not understand the appeal.  (Pink Is The New Blog)
  • In celebrities are not always the sharpest crayon in the box news, Lindsey Lohan apparently plans to skip court in order to be a groupie for the Following.  I know I’m in my 40’s but who in the heck is the Following?  (Pink Is The New Blog)
  • Obviously by now it’s obvious that I don’t care if you judge me, so I’m happy to report NECESSARY ROUGHNESS has been picked up for a third season.  As summer shows go, it’s not bad, certainly better then RIZZOLI AND ISLES.  (Accidental Sexiness)
  • Ridiculously hot kind of actress of the day Heidi Klum of PROJECT RUNWAY.  (Maxim)