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We are off to a great start in 2012 and would like to thank all of you who for some reason keep stopping by.  If you ever ran into one of us in a dark alley, you would probably beat us up.  Happy New Year!


  •  It’s New Year’s eve and that means every network is going to run some type of special.  Is it me or do these specials kind of remind you of halftime of the Super Bowl?  In that I mean that neither are really all that entertaining. Anyway, TV Guide has put together a review of the goings on, which I’m guessing will somehow involve Ryan Seacrest.  (TV Guide)
  • Look, I review a ridiculous amount of websites trying to find things I think you would find interesting.  I say that because, while I generally shy away from the wardrobe malfunctions, it appears like there is nothing else out there on other sites.  It really seems like some type of game the female celebrities are playing with the paparazzi.  Case in point, Emma Watson was caught in a too revealing dress earlier this year.  She had on pasties underneath as if she knew her dress would “malfunction”.  Well, she wins as she got her picture taken in that dress about a million times.  (The Superficial)
  • So there is an Angelina Jolie sex tape?  Apparently Brad Pitt has offered to buy it for $10 million.  That’s more then he made on that ridiculous Chanel No.5 commercial.  (The Blemish)
  • We’ve discussed many times our thoughts on shows being cancelled too soon.  Shows like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and LAST RESORT for example.  Anyway, here is a website where the cancelled shows are ranked and you can vote on them.  (Ranker)
  •  Hot, like a sexy librarian, Angela Kinsey from THE OFFICE.  (Starcasm)