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It’s our last Friday ever of 2012.  Ah, the memories.  Here’s what’s happening around the web today.  Happy Friday!


  • Now that Nicki Minaj is going to be on American Idol she is fair game for us to discuss.  So, can someone please explain to me why she gets so much attention.  Seriously, I don’t get it.  Case in point, here are some typical internet pictures of Nicki in a bathing suit.  Am I missing something?  (The Superficial)
  • This is not necessarily TV related and I hijacked the link from The Linkiest which is one of our new favorite websites, but it’s still interesting.  It’s 6 things that secretly make you a jerk.  For example, a study showed that just looking at alcohol is enough to remove some inhibitions.  Wish I had known that when I was single, could have saved some serious cash.  “Bartender, can you send this picture of beer over to the pretty lady. Yeah tell her it’s from the least interesting man in the world.”  (Cracked)
  • This next link shows that there are just too many shows on TV right now.  TV Guide’s article is about 22 new shows to watch this winter.  You read that right 22 new shows.  And yes, CELEBRITY DIVING made the list so you know it must be a good list.  (TV Guide)
  • Is it just me or is Greg Louganis starting to look a little like Bob Barker?  Here is a link to Greg Louganis.  Here is one to Bob Barker.  I’m not saying they were separated at birth, but they could be related.
  • Hot “actress” of the day Jill Wagner from WIPEOUT.  (Maxim)


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  1. Great Cracked article, Midwest Mo… fascinating! As for Nicki Minaj, I don’t get her one bit. My years of watching American Idol might be over. (In that link, maybe she was on a photo shoot for plus sized women?)

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