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  Am I to understand that you men completed all of your training on your own?  That’s the facts Jack!  It’s Friday.


  • It’s THE OFFICE’S last Christmas.  How has this show and other soon to be departing shows done so far?  (TV Guide)
  • Well it appears ticket prices at Disney are going to go up.  An appeals court upheld a $319 million dollar judgment against Disney in favor of a former producer of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE.  (Hollywood Reporter)
  • CBS has announced is mid-season schedule. (TV Addict)
  • It seems that everyone has an opinion about my show REVOLUTION.  Again, any help to make sure the show stays on is welcome.  (Clique Clack)
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        Hot actress of the day – Dianna Argon from GLEE (before you think I’m some kind of pervert, she’s actually 26 FYI).  (Google)