Around The Web for 12-5-12

If you’re not smart enough to read this blog, you might be a red-neck.  Happy Hump-Day! Let’s get the news from around the web for 12-5-12.


  • ABC announces it’s mid-season schedule.  It seems so ridiculously complicated, I find it hard to believe they can keep it straight.  (TV Guide)
  • Wow, I feel old.  Frankie Muniz of MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE fame suffered a stroke.  He is OK, but here is the rest of the story.  (The Blemish)
  • Maybe because I’m a guy I don’t understand the total obsession with the Royal Family and whether Kate is pregnant or not.  If you are, here you go.  (Washington Post)
  • The world is a little worse off right now.  Angelia Jolie is going to retire to spend time with however many kids she currently has.  (Holly Scoop)
  • Hot actress of the day – Emmanuell Vaugier (“Mia”) from TWO AND ONE-HALF MEN.  (Maxim)