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It’s gobble gobble week.  DA BEARS!

  • Hottest fashion looks from the AMA’s (TV Guide)
  • This is a piggy-back off of MIDWEST MARK’S previous blog, but Amazon does have some fantastic deals.  I will be getting HOMELAND season 1 – you know it’s true because we don’t get any money from Amazon for plugging them. (
  • Brittney Spears wedding may be off.  I don’t know that I want to live in a world where Bieber and Brittney cannot find love. (DramaRama)
  • REVOLUTION – big twists tonight and they are featuring 2 Led Zeppelin songs (TV Guide)
  • Ke$ha cleans up for the AMA’s, but we all know she looks better in her Maxim photo shoot.  (Maxim)