Around The Web for 2-10-14

Around the Web for 2/10/14I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender.  There will be no white flag above my door.  I’m in love and always will be.  Dido

Winter refuses to ease up around Chicago as it was -3 on my into work this morning.  To be honest, I’m not sure how Santa Clause can stand living up at the North Pole all year round.  You think he ever hooks up with any of the hot elf’s up there?

Here’s what is going on around the web for 2-10-14

  • One of the sites I visit daily is run by a female and she likes to post pics of hot guys.  Here’s a shirtless Rickey Martin.  It’s like looking in a mirror, if that mirror were at a fun house.  (D Listed)
  • How about some Katy Perry apparently giving up and going to the grey sweatpants look.  Note to Katy, nobody looks good in grey sweatpants.  (G Celeb)
  • What’s the deal with these links today?  Now we have a Kate Winslet up close picture with no makeup.  It was a Vanity Fair photoshoot featuring other makeup free celebs as well.  (Celeb Bitchy)
  • My favorite quote comes from Dakota Johnson who was recently asked if she was comfortable with her role in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie.  Her response – yes because she has no shame.  Finally a celeb willing to answer truthfully.  (Amy Grindhouse)
  • We all love The Chive.  I happen to like their cute girls photos the best.  Cute is so much more hot to me than slutty.  (The Chive)
  • I can’t believe I’m going to post a link to a clip from The Steve Harvey Show.  Two women that have been friends for 94 years sat down together and were asked their opinion on current pop culture trends like selfies and twerking.  Pretty funny stuff.  (The Frisky)
  • Maybe living here in the Midwest makes me question the blogger who asked if LeAnn Rimes looks fat in this bikini.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I may not be a fan of her’s but come on.  (Celeb Slam)
  • We all know by know that Jay Leno is out.  Leave it to Conan O’Brien to get the best dig in about his departure.  (Pop Bytes)
  •  Hot actress of the day – Maura Kidwell from the upcoming USA show Sirens.  Not a ton of pics of her out there yet.

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